Broncos v Tigers Heritage Round – Jesse’s Story

As part of 2015 NRL Heritage Round the Men of League were able to assist with the Coin Toss at the Broncos v Tigers game. 

This is Jesse’s story – a Men of League supporter – about his memorable day… 

So I put my name down in a raffle for 4 tickets to the Broncos game. They said they would pick three, and do a kick for goal. I knew I would never get a goal. 5:30 I get a phone call to say I won. I went and got my tickets next day and I get my men of league socks. When I got all the details I realise I get to do the coin toss. 3 hours later I am at Suncorp Stadium. When I got there I meet Frank (Men of League QLD State Manager). Where we were waiting to go in the tunnels at Suncorp, we see Josh McGuire. So we are walking in and I meet everyone with Channel Nine and the camera people. I then go outside of Suncorp Stadium onto the field. When I then get to meet the one and only, Wally Lewis. Wally and I go back inside to do the coin toss with Aaron Woods and Justin Hodges. The privilege to be on Channel Nine live with The King and Justin Hodges is the greatest moment of my life – it can’t get any better than that.  I then get a chance to speak to Justin. After that I get a few photos with everyone. It was the best feeling ever to be with the 3 best rugby players ever. I then meet Jharal Yow Yeh. I go sit down in my seats and watch the Broncos smash the Tigers. I then go home with the best memories of my life.

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