Care. Dignity. Mateship. Inclusiveness.

These are the core values of our Foundation. All that we do in the rugby league community aligns with these core values.

You can see this every day in the essential work we do in caring for the men, women and children of the rugby league community. We are there when things get tough. We are there to turn to when all other options have been exhausted. If a member of the rugby league community is in necessitous circumstances and has no other option, we get busy.

Your organisation might genuinely believe there is value in balancing your business activities with developing a positive relationship in the society in which you operate. Your organisation might want to make a difference in lives and stake a claim to create social change.

Men of League Foundation’s activities do all of that and more. We change lives.

Partnering with us, sharing our vision, living our core values and helping us to continue to build a Foundation that supports this vision and values means that together we will be helping to care for those in the rugby league community most in need.

And who comprises the rugby league community? We are your employees, your suppliers, your customers, your neighbours.

Please contact us to discuss a tailored partnership. We look forward to your call.

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