Another memorable visit to Royal Rehab Putney

Whenever Northern Sydney Welfare Officers Norm Pounder, Fred Jackson and Ken Vessey make their regular visit to Royal Rehab, Putney they are always amazed at the professionalism and caring attitude of staff members in the Spinal & Brain Units and the courage, attitude and determination of their clients, as they strive to overcome their serious injuries.

Their visit on 14 July 2015 was no different, as they wandered through the units accompanied by Jim Towers, Marketing & Communications Manager they renewed previous acquaintances with Vincent Bond, Lee Ferrier and Vickie Hudson, who are receiving treatment for spinal injuries.
In addition, we had the pleasure to met Ernie Lunn from Port Macquarie for the first time, who was progressing under treatment for a fall from a veranda. Ernie told us he was born in Kogarah, Sydney and naturally he had been a fanatical St. George supporter for as long as he could remember and we were not surprised when he told us the toughest rugby league player he had ever seen was Kevin Ryan.
We also met Darren Houghton who lived in Narrabeen, Sydney in the domain of the Sea Eagles Rugby League Club and of course he supported the Sea Eagles.
We wish the clients, mentioned above and the many more we spoke to during our visit, a speedy recovery and return to their homes. 

Left to right: Ken Vessey, Darren Houghton, Fred Jackson, Norm Pounder, Sophie and Vincent Bond

Left to right: Norm Pounder, Ken Vessey, Fred Jackson and Ernie Lunn
By Ken Vessey

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