Men of League Membership
Every year the Men of League Foundation Gala Dinner in Sydney and the Gala Luncheon in Brisbane recognise the extraordinary contributions made throughout the year by our committees, members and sponsors.

Central to both the dinner and the luncheon is the chance to meet, first hand, some of our rugby league family who have found themselves in need of our help.

A young mum who needed a specialised car so she and her disabled daughter could travel to games to watch her son play.

A former player from the bush in need of urgent medical care.

A female club volunteer whose leg injury required amputation and resultant specialist assistance.

All have a common thread: they could be any one of us if faced with unexpected medical events that stretched our capacity to fund them to breaking point.

Events which can destroy families and lives without the right support at the right time.

When all other options have been exhausted, the Men of League Foundation is there. But without a growing and active membership we would not be able to look ahead with confidence to a future in which we can continue to help the many who need it.

With each new membership, the Foundation grows stronger.

Is there any better reason to join?