Staff Profile – Tegan Jennings

What is your role at Men of League Foundation?
Queensland events and operations manager.

How long have you been with Men of League Foundation?
Eight years, but I was involved in Men of League’s events for two years before that – so 10 years in total.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love all the people I’ve met including our committees, welfare recipients and former rugby league legends.

Do you have a favourite story about working for Men of League Foundation?
In 2011, Men of League Queensland were notified of mother and son Brooke and Caleb Free. Brooke was battling melanoma and various other forms of cancer but didn’t let it stop her taking on duties at the Albany Creek Crushers such as canteen, jersey washer, under 6 manager and medical attendant. When approached by Men of League Foundation all Brooke wanted was to see her eight-year old son looked after. We had great support from a local Brisbane boys college who confirmed they would enrol Caleb at the school when he starts high school and Men of League Foundation would pay $5000 a year to cover his school fees, uniform and any other incidentals.Following this, we had great support from the Brisbane Broncos who invited Caleb to do the coin toss at the 2014 Men of League Heritage Round game. Caleb spent the entire day practising to make sure he tossed the coin just right. To see how Men of League lit up this young boy and his mum’s life was really special to me.

If you could meet any rugby league player ever, who would it be?
I’m lucky enough to have met him – Norm Provan! Such an icon and gentleman of our game, a true legend.

Which NRL team do you support?
I’m a fourth generation Dragons supporter.

What was your first job?
Working at my Pop’s Betta Electrical store on Saturdays.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My husband’s curries – they’re the best!

What is your most played song on your iPod?
Jimmy Barnes – No Second Prize and Cold Chisel – Flame Trees.

What is your favourite television show?
Game of Thrones and Friday Night Footy!

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