Oberon Rugby League club 50 year reunion

Oberon Rugby League club are holding a 50 year reunion next month for the 1964 Clayton Cup winning team.

The Clayton Cup is awarded to the best team throughout the NSW Country area and in 1964, Oberon were the gun team in Group 10, winning the local Grand Final 30-2, in Bathurst,  against the Workmens Club. Coached by Rolf Trudgett, Oberon also won the 1964 Caltex Knockout Carnival and went through the season undefeated.

The reunion will begin at the Oberon Football Ground on Saturday 19 July and the club has contacted everyone of their players from 1964, except for Peter McCurtayne. 

They would like Peter to join his old team-mates for the ride down memory lane, but they need some help to find him. If any Men of League members, or in fact anyone reading this article, can help in locating Peter, could they please contact Kim Brown on 63593348, Vicki Walsh, the Manager of Oberon Leagues Club on 63361150, or Kerry Gibbons on 0418358129.

Vicki Brown is the daughter of Norm Brown, who was Oberon’s star halfback in 1964 and also represented NSW Country Firsts against City Firsts that year. Norm also represented Western Division in their 17-11 against France in 1964.

The reunion will be at Oberon’s home game with arch rivals, St. Patricks. Each of the 1964 team members will be presented with a memorial Oberon jersey from 1964.

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