A special night out to an NRL match

Northern Sydney Welfare Officers Fred Jackson and Ken Vessey had the pleasure to meet up with and entertain three (3) Gents and their families on the 13 June 2014 at an NRL night match between South Sydney v WestsTigers.

Those present were :
– Chris Peters,Belinda (partner),Courtney-Jean (daughter) and Norman (father);
– Michael Simon,Stacey (wife) and Allan (son) and
– Max Lee and David (father).
They were from Country/Northern NSW and were all undertaking rehabilitation at the Ryde Rehab Centre after suffering serious injuries.Whilst the evening grew even more chilly during the game ,none of them were feeling the cold as they were just pleased to be at a game live rather watching on TV.Chris and Michael commented that they had not been to ANZ Stadium before and were thrilled to be there.
All in all a great night was had by all of us and we will follow them up when we visit the Ryde Rehab Centre in the near future.
Our special thanks go to the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club Ltd for kindly supplying the game tickets.

By Ken Vessey

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