How Can Your Side Win?

How Can Your Side Win?

With two games left, let’s look at what your side needs to do to get to the big one!

Cowboys – They need to keep fresh this week; last week’s game against the Broncos would have taken a lot out of them. They will focus a lot on where Ben Barba is as he has been instrumental on the Sharks shift plays. Close to the line, they will need to watch Ennis’ short balls to his forwards. Their attack is persistent and they will try and steamroll the Sharks down the middle.

Sharks – They should aim up in the middle defensively, no dummies from Thurston and tackle low on Taumalolo. Hopefully they have worked hard on their shift plays as it has been disjointed at the back end of the season.

Storm – There will be no surprises in how they will play as they’ve been consistent all year. The Storm needs to work off Smith then have Cronk step in for kick or shift play. Defensively, they will have to shut down Canberra’s second phase play, not take any of Austin’s dummies and be alert on Hodgsen around the ruck.

Raiders – These guys will have to work hard around the middle to stop momentum of the Storm. The Raiders do struggle when on back foot. They need to continue to play how they have done all year and not bottle down their attack.

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