Greg Kay Visit

To be involved with Men of League as a Welfare Officer is often very rewarding, however can be tough at times.

A delightful intelligent young man Greg Kay is going through extremely difficult times with his health.  Does he complain? Is he positive? Is he courageous?

A definite no to the first question and affirmative to the other two. Greg teaches children who are on the autism spectrum. A parent of one of the students asked if Men of League could meet with Greg who is highly regarded for his dedication to the children. Greg is a massive Newtown Jets fan. Has been all his life.

Warren Thompson and Alan Webb arranged a visit to the NRL Museum to meet Terry Williams, Historian and author of Out of the Blue – The History of Newtown.

It is extremely doubtful whether there is a more loyal fan of the Jets than these two men.  Terry entertained with his incredible knowledge of all things rugby league and the stories and stats flowed during the tour of the wonderful  museum. Greg remarked he had a awesome day and was keen to tell his father all about it.

Alan and Warren will keep in touch with Greg and perhaps next time have our other welfare team mate Peardy with us so we can enjoy another awesome day with Greg.

Pictured Terry Williams (left) with Greg Kay.

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