#FoundationFlashbackFriday – A place to call home

The year was 2007 and the Men of League Foundation was on the rise.

Membership numbers had increased by 55% and the Foundation’s Scholarship Scheme, an initiative that found jobs for young rugby league players who suffered a career ending injury, was garnering big media attention.

The office space at NRL Headquarters was unfortunately not sustainable anymore due to an increase of Foundation employees.

A discussion between then President Ron Coote AM (now Honorary President) and then ANZ Stadium CEO Ken Edwards regarding the Foundation’s needs instantly got the ball moving and before long, the Men of League Foundation had a new home – Level Three, Eastern Grandstand, ANZ Stadium.

The office space would be able to cater for the growth of the organisation, with Edwards even kind enough to offer a complimentary carpark for the new Men of League Foundation bus.

The Foundation would enjoy 11 excellent years at Sydney’s home of rugby league, forging strong relationships with the NRL, NRL Referees, ANZ Stadium and other organisations as a result.

Fast forward to 2019. The Men of League Foundation have over 8,000 loyal members and over 13 full-time staff across Queensland and New South Wales.

Most importantly, the Foundation has a brand-new home at the New South Wales Rugby League Centre of Excellence to call their own. A beautifully open and sunlight office is now the engine room for rugby league’s most recognisable charity.

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