In early 2020 Wellbeing Officers Lance Henry and Les Pearce from the Central Coast Men of League Foundation visited Cooper Fawcett at his parents’ home in Umina.

Cooper started playing footy when he was only four in his brothers under-6’s team. In January 2019 Cooper was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital for surgery. Complications with the surgery resulted in Cooper developing an acquired brain injury known as Posterior Fosser Syndrome. Cooper couldn’t open his eyes for a few weeks, did not speak for about 8 weeks and cannot walk or stand on his own.

Cooper’s father, Mack, who plays for the Woy Woy Roosters, has advised that Cooper’s health and wellbeing is improving.

Cooper, now eight years old, currently attends Westmead Children’s hospital twice a year for intensive rehabilitation. Each visit is for 3 weeks continuous rehabilitation of 4 days each week.  The Men of League Foundation has been able to provide the Fawcetts with vouchers to assist with essential items for the family.

Cooper’s speech is improving and moves around with the aid of a walker although he still has limited movement on the right side of his body due to the injury. Mack has arranged for parallel bars to be installed in their home to assist with Cooper’s independent movement at home.

He attends Umina Beach Primary school full-time. The staff and teachers provide excellent support with a school program to meet Cooper’s needs.

Mack has indicated that with the assistance of those friends around the family that both he, Chantelle and Cooper’s brothers have a healthy lifestyle and are doing OK. He also expressed his gratitude for the assistance and contact with the family that the Foundation have provided.


Photo: Cooper with big brother Bailey.

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