Scouting begins for our new playmaker

From the NRL and the Kangaroos through to country and park footy, Rugby League is a big family.
We’re a family bigger than the sum of our players and the 80 minutes of each game. We’re a family of administrators, canteen volunteers, ground announcers, orange runners, coaches and touch judges. Sometimes, sadly, members of that family fall on hard times. And at the Men of League Foundation we’re there on the sidelines, ready to help the men, women and children of the greatest game of all. We’re the camaraderie in the Rugby League community, we’re its glue from the grassroots to the recently retired player.

 Right now we’re looking for a new CEO – a playmaker, someone to captain our team. More than 14 years after being founded, the Foundation now has more than 28,000 members, over 40 local committees around Australia and is increasingly recognised as the charity of the Rugby League community.
We are a growing and energetic membership-based, welfare organisation entering an exciting new phase. We are increasingly collaborating with the National Rugby League on matters such as welfare and charity for the Rugby League community, resulting in organisational change within the Foundation.
We are seeking a CEO who, in close partnership with the National Board, will be responsible for driving the overall strategy and direction of the Foundation into this new stage of growth.

If you would like to captain our team into the exciting times ahead, now is the time to put your hand up.
Ron Coote AM

Click here for more details on the position.

Click here for the Candidate Information Pack.

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