A big wellbeing visit for Big Ash

Former Redcliffe and Natives five-eighth Ashley Malone is demonstrating huge amounts of courage as he faces adversity caused by his battle with Diabetes.

Brian Lourigan, Ron Atkins, Dinger Bell and John Metassa drove to Cherbourg this month to visit Big Ash (as he is affectionately known) to lend some moral support and tell a few footy tales of the glory days.

Despite the hand Ash has been dealt, his outlook on life is so positive and with support from family including his siblings Liz, Amanda, Frank and Joe, together with aunties Sandra and Jeanette and the Cherbourg community, he will win the main game.

One of the favourite stories of the day was reminiscing when Ash arrived at Redcliffe many years ago, Arthur Beetson was the newly appointed coach. When Beetso said “forwards over there and backs over here” Big Ash sauntered over with the backs.

Arthur yelled, “Ash! I said forwards over there!”. Ash quietly replied, “I’m a five-eighth mate”, and despite being 21 years of age and around 105kg, Ash had some of the silkiest skills Arthur had seen.

An absolute champion character, the Foundation wishes him all the best in his recovery.

Men of League Foundation Queensland Wellbeing is proudly sponsored by BMD Group.

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