Andrew Fafita – Sharks & Cheyse Blair – Storm

Andrew Fifita

Andrew has the skill, stamina and footwork to win the game, no doubt. But he also has a short fuse. He can come up with a brain explosion and gets caught out laterally around the ruck.

I think Melbourne’s simple sets with the ball will revolve around making Fafita do as much defence as possible and then niggling the hell out of him when they tackle him. Because as I said, fatigue and frustration are the two key things to put him off his game.

How he handles it could decide the result.

Cheyse Blair

People might be double taking reading Cheyse’s name as the Man of the Moment but his decision making in defence will decide the outcome for the Storm. Will Chambers defended the Storm to a Premiership in 2012, shutting down Ben Barba constantly, and ultimately the Bulldogs.

Whilst he didn’t receive all the accolades in the press, or a Clive Churchill medal, those in the club knew the enormity of his game.

It was all Wade Graham and Maloney for the Sharks last week down the left side but I think all the Sharks attack will be down the right side at Blair and Green. 

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