Up Up Cronulla

Up Up Cronulla

I believe that after 49 years, this will be the best opportunity for the Sharks to break their drought.

The team is injury free, playing a good style of footy, have a strong defencive foundation, have many options in their kicking game and have a number of experienced players that have played either Grand Finals or high end representative footy.

I have had a number of calls this week from ex-players that have played in past Grand Finals and they, more than anyone, would like to see the maiden Premiership drought broken.

There have been so many greats to put on the black, white and blue that will be cheering the boys home. Cliff Watson, Tommy Bishop, Andrew “ET” Ettingshausen, Dave Peachey, Mat Rogers and Jason Stevens will all have fingers crossed. From somewhere above, Steve Rogers, Greg Pierce, Rick Bourke, Critter Wellman and Graham Bowen will hopefully have some influence on the score.

Everyone in the Shire is singing the team song from the rooftops at the moment and there is a buzz amongst the locals; especially those that have been waiting for this for a long time.

Maybe they may bring old Reggie back to sing the song again like he did for many years from when I played and coached there.

And for me, who has been a ball boy, player and coached at this great club, the time has come.

Come on you Sharkies!

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