Visit to Barry (Pearly Shells) Anderson

On Wednesday, 16th March 2016 Barry was visited at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown by John Peard, Bob McMillan and Alan Webb, Welfare Officers Sydney Metro. Barry or as he is affectionately known (Pearly Shells) from Forbes has been a member of Men of League Foundation for many years – Member No., 1050.

He came to Sydney as a result of blood clots in his leg and as a result several infections spread through his body, he was very seriously ill spending considerable time in ICU, but is now on the road to recovery and Is hopeful of returning to a hospital closer to his home.

At the time of the visit his son Craig also from Forbes arrived and after a conversation with us thanked us for taking the time to visit his dad. Barry and Crag knew John well from his visits to Forbes over the years. Barry was given a Men of League Foundation polo shirt and we wished him well in his recovery.

Alan Webb – Welfare Officer, Sydney Metro.

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