Vickie Hudson’s visit to the Heroes and Legends Museum

On Monday 19 September 2016, Wellbeing Officer Fred Jackson, who volunteers at the Heroes & Legends Museum in NRL Headquarters at Moore Park, with the assistance of Amber Sierek the Museum Collections Officer, showed Vickie Hudson around the Museum.

We met Vickie at Royal Rehab in Putney during one of our regular visits. Vickie is a Storm supporter and her brother, a former player from Newcastle, is still involved in the game. Vickie injured her spine in an accident and is still doing rehabilitation and through that, has been able to stand for a short time.

The Men of League Foundation have been supporting Vickie as she recovers. We spent the morning going through the exhibits and visual displays which Vickie enjoyed. The Museum was getting the Summons/Provan Telstra Trophy ready for the Grand Final and Amber was able to show it to Vickie.
Vickie had a fabulous time. She expressed her thanks to Fred, Amber, and the Men of League for their continuing support. They both had a very enjoyable visit to the Heroes and Legends NRL Museum.

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