The Oaks SRLFC rallies to support Men of League

The Men of League Foundation would like to thank The Oaks SRLFC, from the Group 6 Competition, for their very generous contribution to the Foundation.
The work of the Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of the community to ensure it can continue in its welfare efforts – supporting men, women and children in the rugby league community.
The Oaks SRLFC ran its first All Stars game day on 22 February – an event that was a huge success in bringing the community together and raising funds for their club, a special Youth Day initiative and Men of League.
Recently, Paula Rogers Secretary of The Oaks SRLFC alongside Ashlie Rogers and little Aiesha Turney came out to present Men of League CEO Corene Strauss with a $500 cheque from money raised on the day. This gesture was hugely appreciated and a reflection of the effort everyone at The Oaks put into the day.
On top of raising money, the Club also helped drive membership and awareness of Men of League handing out flyers and promoting the Foundation in the day’s program. The Club has also set itself a new goal, working to ensure each of its players and members sign up to become a Men of League Member by the end of 2014.
What an amazing effort!

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