Supporting Cronulla Sharks Fan Joanne

We recently brought the story of Cronulla Sharks fan Joanne Goudie, who the Foundation has supported since she had a motor vehicle accident.

When she reached out to the Foundation, Joanne was amazed at how supportive the networks around her were.

“Everyone was so generous with their time, it was incredible. I felt very lucky,” Joanne said.

“John Harris came around one morning and we chatted about rugby league for ages. We spoke about the good old days and obviously when Cronulla finally won a premiership in 2016.”

When asked if that was the best year of her life, Joanne was quick to respond.

“Absolutely! There was such a strong feeling of community. Everyone got together and the mood was so happy. I feel as though other clubs were even happy for us because we had finally won it,” Joanne joked.

Joanne has been entrenched within the rugby league community in the Shire for years. A volunteer worker, she loves cooking and wants to help out at Men of League Foundation events in the future.

“When I am back to full strength I want to come along and help raise funds for those who need it,” Joanne said.

The Men of League Foundation donated fuel and grocery vouchers to Joanne, as well as providing physical and emotional support to her throughout her rehabilitation.

“I just want to congratulate the Men of League Foundation for the work they do. Speaking for myself, everyone was so kind and generous.

People would turn up at my house following the accident just to make sure I was okay, or they would phone me. Even staff members who have now left the Foundation still check in on me,” Joanne concluded.

You can support people like Joanne for as little as $20 a year. Sign up to the Men of League Foundation and pledge your support to those within the rugby league community in need.

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