Kenty’s Man of the Moment – Robbie Farah

Robbie Farah – Rabbitohs

Earlier this week South Sydney strongman Sam Burgess pleaded for the rugby league public to stop talking about Robbie Farah and to remember there were many other players involved in tonight’s game.

Sorry Sam, not this time.

After a venomous final season the Wests Tigers Farah runs out tonight for the first time with his new club – and lo and behold it is against his old club.

It is a script straight from central casting. The story for tonight’s game is Robbie Farah and nothing else. Farah has a point to prove … but so do the Tigers, who indelicately let him go.

The trick for Farah will be to control his emotion. As hard as he will try, he will not be able to get away from the reality of playing his former club and how he exited. Overplay his hand and he will play right into the Tigers’ hands. Focus on the job and Farah has the potential to spark the Rabbitohs attack through their big men and steamroll his former teammates.


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