John “Bomber” Peard on SUNDAY NIGHT

John “Bomber” Peard’s story of his long path to recovery was shown on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program on March 29.

The inventor of the ‘up & under’ kick – now known as the bomb – suffered a severe and life-threatening stroke in 2002.

Part of Bomber’s recovery included a trip to the United States to undergo revolutionary treatment. John visited the Institute of Neurological Recovery in California in November last year, the centre that developed the innovative treatment which can rapidly improve the neurological status of patients following stroke or brain injury, even years after the incident occurred.

Earlier last year the Men of League Foundation hosted a benefit night for John. The evening was incredible, rallying the rugby league community and ensuring John could make it to America to undergo the revolutionary procedure.

It’s been an honour for Men of League to be able to play a role in John’s recovery.

If you missed it, you can click here to watch it.

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