Great Leaders

Great Leaders 

After the success of Men of League’s recent competition to find the Captains’ Captain, I thought it would be fitting to have a look at the current crop of top leaders in our game.

  • James Graham – Tough as teak and leads from the front. Also very articulate when approaching officials.

  • Paul Gallen – Also leads from the front and could lift the trophy at the end of the year. Has his critics but no one can ever knock his desire and determination.

  • Jonathan Thurston – Has so many attributes as a leader from executing the big play, kicking the goal or field goal under pressure or making that crucial tackle.

  • Cameron Smith – The tough leader with an accountant’s body. Smart, cunning and knows what it takes to lead a team around the park. Doesn’t mind a chat with the ref either.

Leader for the future – Boyd Cordner. He has leadership written all over him, should be next NSW Origin skipper.

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