Exciting changes to membership

On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to take this time to advise you of some exciting new changes that are taking place in our membership program.

As the support required for the men, women and children of the rugby league community continues to grow, we are required to place a larger emphasis on membership, sponsorship and events as viable revenue streams. Servicing this wellbeing need within our community is why we exist and why we are well and truly rugby league’s most important and trusted cause.

When we were founded in 2002, members joined to be a part of something that improves the lives of others. This reason still stands today. Our recent membership survey results show that the top two reasons to join the Foundation are to improve the lives of others and to support the organisation financially.

Over the years, the main reasons to be involved haven’t changed. However our role in providing wellbeing support has required us to evolve and adapt in order to help build a robust and sustainable organisation.

For this reason, our new membership program will move to an annual renewal model for all members. This will put us in a stronger position to be able to help those most in need in the rugby league community.

Here is a summary of some aspects of the new membership program with more information to be provided in the coming months:

  • Membership is now off sale for 2017 and will be on sale again in February 2018. This will allow our membership team to work tirelessly behind the scenes to set up the new program
  • All membership enquiries the Foundation receives during this time will be directed to our ‘register your interest’ page, found here. We will contact all registrants when membership is on sale again. If any membership forms are received during the off-sale period, the National Office will process these from February 2018
  • Each member will be given a username and password so that online renewal and the updating of personal details is easier
  • There will be new categories of membership introduced with a discount offered to those who renew online and who opt to receive the magazine digitally
  • Members that sign up using a credit card or a bank transfer will have their membership renewal processed automatically each year
  • Our updated membership forms will allow for members/committees to be referenced as recruiters. There will be prizes for the members/committees that recruit the most new members.

In early 2018, we will send out membership forms for you to renew your membership of the Foundation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the membership team at membership@menofleague.com

Kind regards,
Frank Barrett
Chief Executive Officer

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