Bob Weir – Member No.10190 (Narromine) Welfare Visit

Warren Thompson and Alan Webb, Welfare Officers Sydney Metro branch had the pleasure of visiting Bob Weir at St Vincents Private Hospital on Thursday 3rd March, 2016.

Bob, 79 years of age, from Narromine in Western NSW, played till he was 40 years of age, from 1954-1975, starting in the back-line he progressed to finish his career in the engine-room, he said that he broke his leg in his second last season but came back and played the following year.
He was Captain/Coach of Narromine for 11 years, represented Western Division against Great Britain at Orange in 1954 – the game ending in a 24 all draw. In 1965 and ‘66 he represented NSW playing in the centre alongside St. George great Billy Smith. 

Bob has recently had two stays in hospital. He had heart surgery and then had to return to St. Vincents on two occasions due to infection. His wife Judy is also having health problems and is in need of a hip operation. He was presented with a Men of League polo shirt and cap.
Bob was asked about the state of football in Narromine and said that they are still fielding a first, second and under 18 team.  But he indicated that unlike previously, they are unable to pay and attract players with experience from the city. He went further to say that bush football is struggling.

Image: Left to Right –  Warren Thompson, Bob Weir, Alan Webb

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