A day out with Graeme ‘Billy’ Dixon

Graeme first came to our notice on the 10 April 2015 when we visited him at RNS Hospital,where he was recovering from burns to 75 percent of his body. We subsequently visited him on the 29 April 2015, 30 June 2015 and 21 August 2015.

Graeme is a remarkable man, who underwent numerous operations on his body apart from treatment for his severe burns. He possesses the courage and willpower of 100 men. He was discharged from RNS in about September 2015 and returned for treatment which gradually became less as his skin began to heal.

He was receiving daily carer treatment at his Chatswood apartment. We lost contact with him until recently when we saw his lifelong friend Dick Reading, who put us back in contact with Graeme. On the 17 May 2016 we met Graeme and Dick and took them to the NRL Museum where Terry Williams was our gracious host.

Whilst there we met Parramatta Eels icon Nathan Hindmarsh, had photos and then went to the Erskinville Bowling Club where Graeme really enjoyed a Chinese meal.

A wonderful day was complete when we dropped them back to his apartment. Graeme and Dick was most appreciative for the day and the Men of League generiousity. Ken Vessey has agreed to follow up Graeme after the 10 June 2016 before he returns to Bingara, as his hospital treatment has been completed.

Graeme, a truely remarkable man, states “I am still alive and breathing, so I have nothing to complain about”.

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