Women in League – Lucy Richards

In accordance with the NRL’s Women in League Round, the Foundation will be highlighting some of its female board members, committee members and volunteers who dedicate their time to supporting the men, women and children of the rugby league community.

This profile is on Lucy Richards, an active volunteer within our Penrith Committee.

Lucy first became involved with the Men of League Foundation after she attended one of the committee events. She knew a number of committee members and was very intrigued as to how she could play more of a role in supporting those in need.

A committee member for roughly a year and a half, Lucy believes that women play a big role and part within the rugby league community, just like the men do. She believes that women need to be more aware of how important their roles are within the community and that they should be recognised for this.

Lucy also went on to state that she wishes more women were involved with the Men of League Foundation as we do not just support men who have played the game, but the also women and children of the rugby league community.

She thinks that the Foundation should continue to promote how we support women within the community and Women in League Round is a great opportunity to showcase what we do.

Lucy’s son plays rugby league and that grassroots connection to the game played a major role in her choice to volunteer.

Her favourite moment whilst being part of the Foundation would be when a recipient’s mother was extremely overwhelmed with all the support the Foundation had given her when her son was ill and in hospital. The Foundation supported her by paying her bills, which made such a huge emotional and financial boost to her during that tough time.

Lucy wishes that more women could see all this great work and encourages female fans of all ages to join up as a member or volunteer.

Click HERE to read an insightful Q & A with national board director and Deputy Chair of the Men of League Foundation, Helen Wood Grant, and hear about her journey with the Foundation caring for the women in the rugby league community.

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