Wellbeing wishes in the West

The famous Wheatbelt region of Western Australia spans across 154,862 square kilometres in the south west of the state and is home to some of Australia’s finest wheat. It is also now home to one of the Belmont Rabbits most revered players, Malcolm Cole.

For a Rabbit, winning the Brice Trophy is a very prestigious honour. For Malcolm, that honour has been bestowed upon him twice. Winning the Brice trophy twice are some of Malcolm’s favourite memories of rugby league, along with representing teams that have faced off against touring sides from both France and England.

Despite now suffering from dementia, Malcolm was able to reminisce with Western Australian committee wellbeing officer Len Castle about these memories as well as much more. Now residing in a nursing home in Kellerberrin, roughly 200km east of Perth, Malcolm was extremely appreciative of the visit. Len, was similarly grateful for the time.

“It was a humbling experience to be able to spend some time to catch up with Malcolm and for him to share some great stories,” Len said.

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