Vanessa, number one fan of the Sea Eagles

Northern Sydney Welfare Officers Norm Pounder, Ken Vessey and Fred Jackson recently met with Vanessa Carpenter and her father Robert at her Group Home on the 2 January 2014.

Vanessa may well be the Sea Eagles’ number one fan, with the Norm, Ken and Fred discovering that Vanessa’s room was adorned with a myriad of Sea Eagles memorabilia, she even has the Sea Eagle's emblem painted on a wall.
Vanessa, who is 25 years old, has cerebral and pseubulbar palsy. She displayed tremendous friendship and courage in welcoming the Men of League Welfare Officers on their visit. Visiting with gifts, Vanessa watched and listened intently to every word Norm, Ken and Fred said, and on being presented with a Men of League polo shirt and a 2014 Sea Eagles jersey and cap she was so overcome with joy she hugged all three in thanks.
Vanessa's Carers have advised Men of League that she has not taken the Sea Eagles jersey off since she received it, and is still excited about the visit.
Every welfare visit undertaken on behalf of the Men of League brings its own rewards and effects the individual Welfare Officers in different ways, but all three of the Officers who met with Vanessa agreed that Vanessa was a real champion and that the visit was the most rewarding experience one could ever hope for.   

By Ken Vessey


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