Vale – Norris Goudy

Men of League Foundation member #10036 Norris Goudy passed away on Thursday 3 May in tragic circumstances.

Norris, who was a strong and avid swimmer, suffered a fatal heart attack whilst swimming in the Cudgen River at Kingscliff. Despite valiant efforts by the Emergency services and beach-goers they were unable to resuscitate him.
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Norris, who was a dyed in the wool Sydney Roosters supporter, was well known throughout the rugby league community. Being gainfully employed as a representative in the Gaming Industryfor a number of years, he worked with, and employed several players such as Frank Stanton, Johnny Raper, Russell Gartner and Lew Platz.
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To his wife Debbie, sons Anthony, Guy, Scott and daughter Sarah, the Foundation sends their sincere condolences.

Rest in peace, Norris. buy super kamagra generic over the counter

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