Vale – Jack Brannigan

Vale – Jack Brannigan

Jack was a front row forward in the 1947 Balmain Premiership Team.

Jack was visited on 3 October 2013 by Welfare Officers John Peard, Warren Thompson and Alan Webb at Lewisham Nursing Home. 

He was revisited in February 2014 by Warren and Alan along with Balmain Stalwarts Keith Barnes and Jack Danzey.  On this occasion Jack was overcome with emotion on seeing these gentlemen. When asked if he knew these two men, he replied “Yes, I do,” with a big smile on his face and tears rolling down his cheeks.

Jack was fortunate to have the support of Gail Herbert, her husband and daughters, Robyn, Renee and Maddie who regarded Jack as a family member.

Unfortunately, Jack’s condition deteriorated and he was transferred from Lewisham Nursing Home to UnitingCare Aldersgate House in Lilyfield where he passed away, aged 89.

His funeral is to be held on Wednesday 23 September 2015 at 10.30am at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Eaton Street Balmain. 

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