The Wobbles

The Wobbles

Are some of the top teams getting the wobbles at the wrong time of the year?

Momentum is talked about a lot in rugby league and it’s something that all teams will need going in to the playoffs. Most teams should be over the Origin hangover by now and start to get into the groove of intense, high level standards of football. Even some of the lower teams like the Roosters are finding a second wind before they go on their Mad Monday.

The speed of the line has increased, collisions and contact are looking more brutal than normal and the quality we are seeing is as good as it’s ever been. This has been indicated by close scores and shock results. It could be very worrying signs for coaches of the teams looking for success at the business end of the season if they are not prepared correctly.

The Sharks, Storm and Cowboys all suffered shock defeats and there are some supporters and coaching staff that may be getting a bit nervous. These teams need to re-focus, freshen the bodies and prepare themselves for tough on field battles for the next three weeks and hope that they stay relatively injury free.

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