Bob McCarthy caught up with the Terminator at Alexandria on Thursday 13 June. The former South Sydney great and 15 Test veteran was at the new gym of former world class body builder, Paul Graham, at Alexandria. Graham and Arnold Schwarzenegger are old friends from their time as champion body builders more than 30 years ago.

Now 65, the former Governor of California is in Australia for speaking engagements and spent some time with his old friend before flying to Perth. Graham and Schwarzenegger lived together in the USA many years ago and are still close friends.  Bob McCarthy still works out and is a good friend of Graham’s. He spent some time with the well known actor and Graham, as the trio enjoyed a few laughs.

The first Terminator movie was made in 1984 and the new Terminator 5, starring Schwarzenegger, is due out in the next year or so. Maybe Arnold was looking for a stunt double for a possible Terminator 6 movie.  Despite his 69 years, Bob McCarthy is in good shape and would do a good job for Arnold, if required.

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