Ted Dawson – A rugby league legend

Recently, Newcastle Hunter Wellbeing Officers David Turrell, Vince Murphy and Garry Drummond called in to see Ted Dawson at the Hawkins Masonic Village, Edgeworth.

Ted’s involvement with Rugby League began with the Waratah-Mayfield Rugby League Club as a 12 year-old schoolboy in 1935.

After quickly falling in love with the game, Ted was selected for the prestigious representative side, NSW Schools, on a one month tour of Queensland. Unfortunately, Ted had to provide 6 pounds towards the costs.
This amount could not be afforded by the family but Waratah-Mayfield heard of Ted’s plight and took the hat around ensuring Ted was able to make the tour. That gesture has never been forgotten.

Ted continued his association with Waratah-Mayfield from 1935 to 1950 , representing either Newcastle Rugby League, New South Wales Rugby League or Country Rugby League every season.

In 1950, as Captain-Coach of Bigga, Ted was selected to represent Country-Monaro against the touring English side.
The following year, Ted joined St George in Sydney, however after completing just one season, he was forced to retire due to continuing rib cartilage complications.

Following his stint at St George, Ted returned to his grassroots and coached Waratah-Mayfield, where after years of coaching he joined the administration of the Club and later served as a Director of Newcastle Rugby League.

Ted is a life member of Waratah-Mayfield Rugby League Junior and Senior Bodies, as well as Newcastle Rugby League.

Ted was extremely thankful for his visit.

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