Surprise visit for former player

Bob Sargent received a surprise visit for his 81th birthday from welfare officers Brian Finnigan and Ken Vessey and MOL member Greg Pinson who heard that Bob was not in good health.

Sargent, originally from Coonabarabran, made his Sydney first grade debut in 1953 at Pratten Park, scoring two tries in a Magpies team that included Frank Stanmore, Col Ratcliffe, and Arthur Collinson against a Newtown team containing Gordon Clifford, Dicky Poole, Col Geelan and Frank Farrington.

He went onto play another three first grade games and plenty in reserve grade before going back to the bush to play in Young but regularly attends Wests reunions.

Bob later became involved coaching for several South Sydney junior clubs including Redfern United Club where he coached Arthur Branighan, Moore Park Juniors Club where he coached Bob McCarthy South Sydney Monarchs. He also refereed many junior rugby league representative matches and A grade matches in the South Sydney Junior Rugby League.

He was also a sought-after masseur in the horse racing industry, where his clients included talented jockeys Wayne Harris and Larry Olsen.

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