Surprise visit boosts Don

When former rugby league players find themselves distanced from the game they use to play, life can feel a little lonely at time.

Which is why our welfare visits are so important, and why Don Townsend described his surprise visit from Men of League welfare officers as “the greatest buzz he had received in years”.
Former player Don Townsend greatly appreciated the visit from Gold Coast Men of League members Greg Sylvester, Tommy Bishop, and Bobby Honan at the Sandbrook assisted age care in Burleigh waters, where he is a permanent resident.
Although suffering dementia, Don is still extremely fit and agile. Don played centre for Western Suburbs in the Illawarra and Wollongong competitions. Keith Barnes was a representative teammate for Illawarra, whilst Graeme Langlands was a great mate as he was progressing through the grades.
Don was extremely grateful for the shirt which the boys presented him with on behalf of the men of league.
Anyone wishing to contact Don, especially former teammates and friends can do so by phoning the Sandbrook age care on (07) 5522 0111.

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