Super League secrets revealed: ‘How to spend $400 million on a $68 million budget’

John Ribot became the face of ‘Super League’ when the most divisive ‘war’ rugby league has seen erupted in 1995, culminating in two rival competitions being played head-to-head in 1997.

He was the man armed by Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited to start a whole new competition, secure players, sponsorship and TV programming as Pay-TV prepared to be launched in Australia.

The Brisbane Broncos’ foundation CEO will reveal some rarely-before disclosed insight during the Men of League Foundation’s 2018 Queensland Annual Lunch, presented by Newstead Brewing Co, on Friday 7 September at Brisbane’s Royal International Convention Centre.

With the theme of ‘Rugby League Disrupted’, secure your tickets now for your chance to hear the untold stories of the Super League war.

One revelation is quite extraordinary … how to spend $400 million on a $68 million budget as the Super League war took hold in a dimension no one anticipated.

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By Neil Cadigan

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