Steve Calder Queensland Volunteer of the Year Award – Vance Rennie

“Vance is one of the most dedicated Wellbeing Officers we have. He looks after a large area in Brisbane, is a very kind and empathetic person who has done some truly magnificent work for the Foundation. He is a proud member of the Foundation and the works he does in the community truly makes a difference to many peoples lives.”

This quote says everything you need to know about the Steve Calder Queensland Volunteer of the Year award recipient, Vance Rennie.

Vance has been a Wellbeing Officer for 15 years in the Brisbane committee and also serves as the secretary of the committee. He devotes countless hours week after week assisting with grant applications and conducting Wellbeing visits, and also instigated a partnership with the Brisbane Broncos to have players assist with Wellbeing visits.

An incredibly caring and loving man, Vance has the respect and admiration of many people within the rugby league community, and we are honoured to have a volunteer of his calibre.

Congratulations, Vance!


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