Small Men on Fire!

Small Men on Fire!  

Wasn’t it great to see some of our smaller men playing an exciting brand of football on the weekend? The NRL must be really happy seeing this as it was the main focus when they made changes to the interchange and time wasting aspects of our game.

Ben Barba had his best game of the year for the Sharks and if he keeps on improving on this form, the Sharks could just possibly break that Premiership drought.
Anthony Milford’s performance in the game of the season against the Cowboys showed why they are the favorites for the title.

The other noted small man who I thought had a blinder in a beaten side was Englishman Josh Hodgsen. Some of the work he did out of dummy half would have pleased Coach Stuart and the fans. He really gave a new dimension to their attack.

Let’s hope we see more of the little men starring in the future.

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