PJ Marsh Shares His Kokoda Trek Experience

What an amazing and humbling experience I have just returned from. Its hard to put into words how grateful I am to the Men of League and Aurora for arranging this adventure. How great it is to be home in Australia after spending the last 8 days trekking in beautiful Papua New Guinea. Nothing I say or any photos I have taken would do any justice to how it was to be there in person.

 I have many memorable moments during the trail, it was eye opening to see how much the locals love their rugby league. They explained how they would physically carry a generator and a television to the very top of a huge hill to find reception to watch the state of origin, they call this spot ‘State of Origin Hill’.

Just as memorable was walking in the footsteps of our Australian troops. It was truly an overwhelming experience and in particular having two amazing guides Ricky Dumigan and Tyson Murray, taking the time to mentor and teach us all so much about the Kokoda war and the trail. The local porters trekking with us not only educated us on local customs, culture and history but also confirmed there was no need for my $150 hiking boots. I became a true local, hiking 100kms in my Havaiana thongs!

I cannot express how much I appreciate this experience and thank everyone who was involved in organising this adventure/fundraiser. Count me in for another fundraiser anytime! 

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