Paul Gallen – Skipper

Paul Gallen – Skipper

As someone that coached Gal when he was starting to forge out a name, I thought I would make comment on a wonderful career.

He has been a dominant member of the Origin and Sharks team for such a long time so it will be weird to not see him run out for NSW next year. Although he has his critics, Gal has given his body and soul for his State. Unfortunately, he has been around during a Queensland dynasty, so has not had much success, but this should not mean that he won’t go down as an Origin legend.

The game in 2011 where he played prop for 80 mins was the first in the modern game and will go down in folklore. This determination personifies the way Gal is towards every game. Who will ever forget the two punches he put on Nate Myles’ chin in 2013? He is one of the most determined players I have coached or even seen and I congratulate him on a wonderful career.

I believe in life you are born a leader, not manufactured, and Gal has those attributes that make a great leader on and off the field.

Gal has loved giving it to the Queenslanders and its lucky he has made plenty of money as his holidays will have to be at destinations like Bali and Fiji because he is not the most liked person north of the Border.

Well done Gal!

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