Origin 2 Bring it on!

Origin 2 Bring it on! 

Game 2 is going to be a huge game for many reasons. No more than that the Blues need to win to stay alive. Our defense was great in Game 1 but points are what we need!! How can we do this?

Get Fafita on early. He is the form prop in the game and can rattle the QLD forwards. In the first half, kick to the corners and chase hard. Getting good field position enables more freedom in attack. We have a number of good kickers so this should be our strength.

Early shift in tackle count to break up their defense. They do compress their line a lot and may not expect it. Don’t be afraid to offload if not a high risk play. This could burn some of their juice and break up some of the defensive foundation.

If Darius Boyd is deep and play is mid field, chip straight for Moylan. They will not expect it after kicking to the corners.

Come on, we need this one boys!!

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