Men of League Northern Sydney – On the Radio Waves On “An Afternoon With – Stephen Sim” On Northside Radio FM 99.3

Wellbeing Officers Ken Vessey and Fred Jackson, Northern Sydney Men of League recently had the pleasure to participate in the popular two hour radio program “An Afternoon With – Stephen Sim” on Northside Radio FM 99.3. Stephen is active supporter of the Men of League Foundation, who is a regular attendee at our functions, often MC’s our presentation events and his ongoing support is greatly appreciated. We also had the pleasure to meet co-host Leo Elias, brother of ex Balmain Tigers rugby league player Benny.

During the program Stephen interviewed Ken concerning many aspects of the Men of League Foundation and Ken commented on the following:

  • history of the Foundation since inception in 2002 and the progress since that date ;
  • unchanged Charter of caring for the Men, Women and Children of the Rugby League Community found to be in necessitous circumstances ;
  • cost benefit implications of being a “not for profit tax deductible charity status” for any donors and/or sponsors ;
  • joining current Membership pa encouraged, from Bronze $25, Silver $60, Gold $125, Corporate $1,000, Junior $25 and Family $90; play a vital role in assisting the needy in the rugby league community and achieving the overall wellbeing roles and objectives ;
  • encouraged any rugby league supporter to join up and help our fellow supports in need; emphasise on attracting younger aged Members ;
  • current Membership equals 6,500 persons ytd :
  • relies on Volunteer workforce of 700 persons from 43 Committees throughout Australia ( Qld,NSW, Vic, WA) ;
  • through the Grant Application Scheme a total of $175,000 ytd has been spent on wellbeing assistance to those in the Rugby League Community facing difficult times; assistance can be provide a range of  assistance including purchase of medical equipment, payment of hospital costs, home renovations, day to day living costs;
  • the serious impacts of COVID – 19 on the Foundation, including no wellbeing visits being made to private and nursing homes, hospitals,rehabilitation centres and no outings for our recipients ;
  • have continued contacts with our recipients through a virtual contact process through phone, emails, text messages, which has proven to be successful ;
  • no holding of events due to COVID-19 has seriously impacted on the Foundation’s revenue flow and will continue to until the current restrictions are eased or removed;
  • the Foundation thanks Sportsbet and the NRL for the recent promotion “Try July” which resulted in a $85,000 donation to the Foundation.

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In conclusion Ken stated that the vital ongoing wellbeing activities of the Men of League Foundation in the needy rugby league community, expected to grow in the current pandemic, relies heavily on the :

  • continued financial support of the NRL;
  • Men of League Foundation being the NRL Charity of Choice;
  • commencement of holding revenue raising functions;
  • increasing overall Membership base, attracting younger aged Members to carry on the important community work in the future ;
  • attracting more donor and sponsorship $’s, through the tax deductible charity status of the Foundation.

Stephen then invited Fred to inform the listening audience of his wife Julie and his, frightening experiences in contracting the Corona Virus as cruise passengers on the recent ill fated cruise vessel Ruby Princess . Fred detailed their telling experiences whilst on board the vessel prior to isolation at their home prior then lengthy hospitalisation (in ICU’s), subsequent home release/rehabilitation and the ongoing slow recovery / long term potential impact upon their health. It was indeed riveting radio of an experience none of us would want to experience.
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Our sincere thanks go to Stephen Sim for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to detail the rewarding activities the Men of League Foundation are involved in.

Ken Vessey
Wellbeing Coordinator Northern Sydney Men of League Committee

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