Men of League membership runs in the family for Cunningham clan

Ian Cunningham isn’t exactly sure how long he’s been a member of the Men of League Foundation.

He says it would be comfortably 10 years, maybe more, and he has nothing but good things to say about everything they do. Of that, he is certain.

It’s become a bit of a family affair for Mr Cunningham – this year he has signed up his two children, Shaun and Renee, two of his grandsons, Zachary and Lachlan, and his son-in-law, Dale.

He expects to sign up his wife, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters Charlie and Maggie very soon as well.

It’s all with a view of ensuring the Foundation can continue to work hard for the men, women and children of the rugby league community.

“I remember when some of the old Balmain players would work at the timber yard at Rosehill and you used to walk around and stick your head through the fence to try and get a look at them,” Mr Cunningham said.

“The players are such role models for the kids. Seeing what the Foundation does to get players out and seeing those that need it just makes it a cause worth being behind.”

Formerly a talented player in his own right in the local leagues, Mr Cunningham said it was a no-brainer to sign his family up consider how strong the rugby league link was all the way down to his grandchildren.

“My youngest grandson, Lachlan, he’s four and he knows the Storm team list’s back to front,” he said.

“He can pronounce all their names.”

Mr Cunningham said that a recent relocation north of the border had the potential to open up more opportunities for him to get behind the Foundation with more than a membership.

“Now that I’ve relocated to Brisbane, I know a lot of the Tweed Heads (Committee) guys so I’ll probably head to a few events,” he said.

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