Men of League Foundation Reaches $250k Spent on Wellbeing in 2018

The Men of League Foundation has celebrated surpassing $250k of funds distributed to the men, women and children within the rugby league community in 2018.

Taking to the Albion Park Oak Flats rugby league club within their Illawarra Committee for the announcement, the Foundation will continue to push toward further landmark figures such as $500k before the end of the year.

Men of League Foundation grants support wellbeing recipients through various ways such as utility bills, medical expenses and travel costs. Foundation grants provide significant relief to families involved at all levels of rugby league. Recipients are members of the rugby league community who have fallen on hardship in an emotional, physical or financial capacity.

The Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Lowndes, said that as pleasing as it is to celebrate milestones, the focus should not be taken away from the Foundation’s significant role in supporting those in need, within the rugby league community, however associated.

“The Men of League Foundation continues to provide wholehearted support to its members and friends of the widespread rugby league community. We are very fortunate to have over 500 willing volunteers across the nation who continue to put their best foot forward conducting wellbeing visits, organising events and raising funds. Without them, we would simply not be able to carry out the work we do,” Lowndes said.

“The Foundation will continue our mission to provide support to as many men, women and children in need as we possibly can. We will strive to reach $500k spent on assisting those who have fallen on hardship before the year is complete,” he concluded.

If you know a member of the rugby league community who is in need of emotional or financial support please visit or send an email to

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