Mark “Bomber” Forrester

He admits to doing anything he could to get over an opponent and believes the game today is faster but not as tough as it was back in the 70s and 80s. “Bomber” was one of the hardest players in Group 11, spending 18 years in the forward pack with Dubbo Macquarie before being part of the Westside Rabbitohs Club.

Ben Ross with Mark “Bomber” Forrester

Despite retiring long ago, “Bomber” is probably more involved in sport now than he was in his playing days. He splits his time between coaching the Dubbo Rams Women’s Waratah League side, sitting on the Group 11 judiciary and being part of the Group 11 representative side selection panel.
Ben Ross took time out to visit Bomber at the Mater Hospital in Sydney where he had surgery removing two of his toes.

The Men of League Foundation wish him well in his recovery.

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