Making the Eight

Making the Eight

Last week we looked at the main contenders. This week let’s look at who will fill the last few spots.

  • Broncos – Struggling a bit for form but should sneak in due to the experience in their players and the coach.

  • Panthers – Should make it on the back of their entertaining play

  • Warriors – Good chance with a relatively easy draw, but who knows with them?

  • Tigers – Hardest draw as they play all the sides fighting for a spot. With no Brooks, they could struggle.

  • Titans – Can the Hayne plane get them home? With a couple more games he may just do this although it’s a must win this week vs Tigers.

I just can’t see the Dragons or the Sea Eagles getting there with only four games to go, so it’s a ‘battle royal’ between these five teams for three spots!


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