Macca’s Match Up 2017 – Round 15 – Cronulla Sharks v Wests Tigers

As it happens every year at this time, we’re a few games down in the round thanks to State of Origin.

We’re missing some games, and the games that we’ve got are missing some players – but we’re still expecting some great footy.

Sharks are one of those teams missing players. They’ve got 5 out all scheduled to play next Wednesday.

Wests Tigers aren’t as bad, having only lost 2 players, but I’m still tipping the Sharks to overcome the Tigers tonight.

They were beaten last start, but the quality and depth of the squad from the shire should help get the across the line – talent like Townsend, Beale, Tagatese, Prior, Lewis and Gallen

Their defence will get the across the line and we all know that grand finals are won on the back of defence.

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