Macca’s Match Up 2017 – Round 22 Melbourne Storm v Sydney Roosters

Round 23 is looking like it will have a few upsets this weekend, similar to some of the results from last week. In saying that, I’m picking the battle between 1 & 2 on the table as my Match Up and I’m predicting it will remain as is at 1 & 2 when the final whistle blows. Even though the Roosters will have extra fire with the return of Boyd Cordner, the overall combination of the Melbourne boys will be far too strong for them to beat.

Melbourne are known to deliver at milestone events and this weekend is a milestone game. Should they pull off the win, they will be crowned Minor Premiers for 2017.

Big three in the form of Slater, Cronk and Smith will be at the forefront as usual, but I’m looking at Melbourne’s wingers to put on a stellar performance as well. Keep an eye on them.

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