Lionel Huggett

Warren Thompson and Alan Webb from Sydney Metro Branch visited Lionel on Friday 13th March 2015 at St. Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst following throat surgery.

We were informed by John that if the Men of League was holding a function Lionel would be one of the first to volunteer as a worker on the day.

Lionel had a Laryngectomy and was unable to speak but he could understand us and he constantly was writing on a note pad to communicate with us.

Lionel had a large cut where he had been operated on, and cheekily said that he had cut himself shaving.

Whilst we were visiting Lionel his wife Diane was also in attendance. 

Lionel, a shearer by trade, has been involved for many years with the Forbes Magpies.

He was presented with a Men of League Cap and Polo shirt.

A photograph was taken of Lionel proudly wearing his Men of League Cap and holding his Men of League Polo shirt.

It was pleasing to visit Lionel who has given so much to the Men of League – Central west Region.

Alan Webb
Welfare Officer
Sydney Metro Branch

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