Kenty’s Man of the Moment – Cooper Cronk – Melbourne Storm

Throughout the finals series Cooper Cronk has spoken regularly about trying to eliminate the emotion from his performance. He doesn’t play well with emotion, he says.

Sunday is sure going to be some test, then. Cronk will run out for the 323rd and final game of his career for the Storm and nobody knows if it will be his last game.

How much time Cronk gives to thinking about that when he pulls his jersey on remains to be seen but there is little doubt that, somewhere in there among the ice, Cronk will give a nod to the reality of his situation.

The Storm have been the best team all season, just like they have been the best team for a decade, and Cronk figures heavily in any conversation you have about that.

The Storm know, however, that the only way any good season can be capped is whether a victory in the final game of the season and much of their energy has gone into making sure they get it right on grand final day.

More than anybody, that rests on Cronk, the playmaker, fighting to remain in control of his emotions.

By Paul Kent

Image: NRL Imagery

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